Curious about Musical Atmospheres? Please have a look inside.

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The musical program includes 5 chapters. Each chapter is colour coded and presented along a horizontal menu. The chapters increase in difficulty from left to right.

- Select a chapter by clicking on it. The colour of the page will switch to the colour of the chapter of your choice.

- Please read the instructions carefully.
- Select the level of difficulty from the vertical menu on the left.

- A list of music tracks will be displayed. Click on the track of your choice to listen to it.

My advice
Try all the chapters, starting with level 1.

Listen to the same pieces over and over again and repeat the same level as often as you want; repetition helps you to progress.
When it gets too difficult, look at the answer before listening to the piece of music, then begin that level again a few hours later.

Don’t try to guess what the pieces are from your musical memory. Try to listen simply to how the pieces sound now and for what they are: music. You will begin to listen in a new way.